Cables Manufacturing


The manufacturing capability of Paige Electric covers a broad spectrum to meet your needs. We provide custom cutting, stripping, termination and connectorization so the cable is ready for your application. Paige produces battery cables for the heavy construction market and multi-conductor cable assemblies for the roughest environments. We also have a line of Paige - designed equipment grounding products.

Paige also offers custom molding with both Thermoset (rubber) and Thermoplastic (PVC, TPE, etc) compounds. Paige currently molds from 5/8” to 2” diameter plugs to Thermoset rubber-insulated wire and jacketed cable. These products are currently used for waterproof applications up to 1,000 PSI. The Thermoplastic molding includes strain-relief fittings to Thermoplastic jacketed cables; we specialize in weather proofing and custom strain-relief designs. These applications include security cables, industrial power cords and off-road construction equipment power cords where exposure to extreme flexing and torquing must be withstood.

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